Avoid These Common Mistakes During Divorce Proceedings

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Every couple may be different, but those who decide to end their marriage all face similar challenges. For example, divorce proceedings always require the division of assets. And if there are children involved, negotiations regarding custody must also ensue. When you consider everything ending a marriage entails, it probably comes as no surprise that are often made along the way. By hiring a seasoned divorce lawyer, though, many of these can be avoided.

"What Not to Do During Divorce Proceedings"
1. Post About the Situation on Social Media

It’s only natural to turn to social media when you need support during your divorce. However, posting about the situation could end up hurting your case. There is no way to predict how your ex’s divorce lawyer might interpret—or take out of context—statuses, photos, or videos. Therefore, use social media sparingly as long as the proceedings are pending.

2. Make Rash Decisions

Divorce proceedings are undoubtedly stressful. And when tensions are running high, people may act on emotion rather than logic. To avoid making rash decisions, consult with your divorce lawyer before responding to anything the opposing party sends your way.

3. Start With Litigation

Although some couples have no choice but to take their case to court, many can reach a settlement with the help of a divorce lawyer or a mediator. Because a trial can add a considerable about of stress to the proceedings—not to mention inevitable time delays—it is wise to use litigation as a last resort. This method may require certain compromises, but it will still give you some control over the final outcome, whereas going to court will leave everything in the hands of a family law judge.

The New Jersey divorce lawyers at Diene Hernandez-Rodriguez are committed to protecting their clients’ best interests at every stage of the proceedings. Located in Elizabeth, NJ they have been providing a variety of legal services in a broad range of practice areas for more than two decades. To request an initial consultation, fill out the form on our website or call (908)289-5599.

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