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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Abogado de Bancarrota


Do I need to file bankruptcy?

  • Have you found yourself frustrated, anxious or depressed due to financial debt?

  • Have you been making late payments?

  • Are you behind on your mortgage payment(s)?

  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck because of credit card debt?

  • Are you restless wishing you could eliminate your debt?


     Then bankruptcy could be your solution. Bankruptcy is helpful to people who could not pay their bills. Some people file bankruptcy in order to get rid of emotional distress and/or financial burden. Some do so in order to prevent a foreclosure and stay with their property.


Different kinds of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7: Liquidate all of your debt and keep your property.
Chapter 13: Pay a portion of your debt under a three to five-year process.
Chapter 11: Primarily for business debtors, and/or people with substantial assets and debts.


What are some advantages in filing Bankruptcy?

1. Eliminate your debt
2. Peace of mind
3. Reestablish and/or increase your credit score
4. Protect and keep your property

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